Get fitter, healthier and stronger with Ursula
Feel better with Move It Fitness in only 30 minutes per session!
7 LIVE sessions every week and access to all recordings! Motivation, encouragement and positivity INCLUDED!
Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join Move It Fitness classes
Move It Fitness resistance and HIIT classes
7 LIVE sessions every week and access to all recordings! Motivation, encouragement and positivity INCLUDED!
7 Classes every week.
7 live class times every week. Monday 5.30pm & 7pm, Tuesday 6.30am & 6pm, Wednesday 6.30am, Thursday 6pm, Friday 6.30am
Access to all recordings
Catch up in your own time with recordings of all 7 classes included
In the comfort of your home - all levels of fitness welcome
Feel at ease and comfortable at home. Watch demonstration videos of all exercises so you always know what to expect. My clients tell me they finally feel comfortable working out and they have been able to build up their stamina by working at their own pace. Clients also love learning resistance training at their pace, without the fear and hesitation of having to walk into the weights section of a busy gym floor. Move It clients come back term after term and they tell me it’s because they feel great and can now fit exercise into their busy lives.
What People Say

‘As one of the older class members, I found my stamina and fitness level really improved. Also my range of joint movements definitely increased and I didn’t have the joint stiffness that I had before starting classes . Also the encouragement from Ursula really inspired me to stick with it and I loved the fact that she also gave different levels of the exercise . I really love the classes and will definitely stay as long as Ursula holds the classes.’

‘It’s great that I can do it at home but still get the feeling I’m in a class setting. The work outs really are great for some me time and some head space. I also found the classes much better on zoom than trying to follow a YouTube video I felt more accountable at having to log in every class and after a half hour your done and go about your day.’

'I signed up for Ursula's classes last year not really knowing what to expect. It was one of the best decisions I ever made! The classes are inclusive and cater for all levels of fitness. Ursula is a fantastic motivator who inspires everyone to try their best - whatever 'best' means for them. I have noticed such a change in my energy levels and fitness since I started. The improved fitness positively impacts all aspects of my day. When I reached 50, subconsciously I accepted getting a little slower but not anymore! Fitter and Faster is my new motto! Thanks Ursula!'

Hi! My name is Ursula
I am a personal trainer, fitness instructor and motivator and I am passionate that fitness can be fun!
Working out CAN be for you, no matter your fitness level. I support people to feel great about moving their body and have the confidence to say proudly ‘I love to work out’.
I also teach people how to easily incorporate resistance training to more effectively maintain a lean, healthy physique. Using resistance tube bands, Move It can teach you how to safely and easily build lean muscle tissue in your body. More lean muscle tissue, which you can obtain through resistance training, supports a higher metabolism, a more toned body and better function in your everyday life! I can also show you that everybody can fit movement into their life. You too can get fitter, stronger and happier with LIVE 30-minute workouts that are fun, effective and easy to follow. If you’re looking for a fun welcoming and sustainable way to get fit & strong, Move It is for you!
If you are feeling stuck, frustrated and feel you don’t have the confidence to start an exercise program, Move It can change your life!
The last fitness class you will ever join!
7 LIVE sessions every week and access to all recordings! Motivation, encouragement and positivity INCLUDED!
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